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Side Seal Servo New

One Antistatic With 4 electrodes, Pre-settable Counter, Temperature Controller & Electricals Housed In A Control Panel Assembly. 

MACHINE SIZE600 mm 700 mm800 mm
MAXIMUM CUT WIDTH 550 mm650 mm750 mm
MAXIMUM CUT LENGTH600 mm600 mm600 mm
MAXIMUM STROKES210/min210/min210/min
MAX ROLL DIAMETER 700 mm700 mm700 mm
TOTAL CONNECTED LOAD4.1 kw 4.5 kw4.9 kw
L 4051 mm
H 1000 mm
W 1130 mm
L 4051 mm
H 1000 mm
W 1230 mm
L 4051 mm
H 1000 mm
Also available in 400 mm & 900 mm

  • Microprocessor controlled.
  • Set length on keypad drawn by a servo.
  • Mark the sensor with color-changing light for the critical job.
  • Sealer/cutter top-stop logic. (not in case of power failure)
  • Unwind speed synchronized with stroke and size.
  • Main speed control by ac frequency drive.
  • Minimum maintenance.
  • Vibration-free working.
  • Easy setting. (all adjustments can be done from outside)
  • Conveyor drive by the timing belt.
  • Dancer tension controlled.
  • Punch Options: Online D-Punch/ Euro / Butterfly /Round Hole
  • Multiple punch hole for Nursery Bag
  • Flap, Tape & Bottom Gusset Combination Attachment
  • Continuous Perforation with Rotary Blade
  • Continuous Rotary Knurl Seal
  • BOPP Bag Attachments
  • Pneumatic Seal Station for Double Seal / Wide Seal
  • Hot Melt glue dispensing system for courier bags
  • Corner Seal / Trim (V-Shape) for Shrink Film
  • Sheet folder - Online/Offline (Option for Header insert with Rotary Knurl Seal & Bottom Gusset)
  • Perforation sealer

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